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Inner Circle Reviews and Comments From Actual Members

I love these monthly infield missions! From the classic “Mission Impossibles” like moving sets, mixed sets, & stripper game to the cutting edge exercises that RSD instructors use on the latest bootcamps for training such as physical game, fear technology, & outcome independence, I always look forward to the mission briefing video and can’t wait to hit the field and report back sharing my newest reference experiences with the community!If you’ve never watched an RSD Inner Circle Mission Impossible briefing video and given the mission a SERIOUS attempt INFIELD, here are the TOP TEN reasons (imho) why you SHOULD:#10 – These infield missions that Todd puts out exclusively for members of the Inner Circle online coaching subscription program are hands down the BEST product short of LIVE, in-person instruction with an executive coach (like the RSD Bootcamp, Regional Conference, Vegas Immersion Program, etc.) to PUSH your comfort zone in success with women

#9 – Even if you’re a newbie, intermediate, or advanced guy, there is a “version” of each mission for ALL levels of the game because each misson focuses on core FUNDAMENTALS that anyone chode to instructor can go DEEP with rather than specific levels

#8 – You will receive PERSONAL FEEDBACK from an RSD Instructor on each set in your Field Report (FR) identifying solutions for your biggest sticking points!

#7 – Going out night after night without professional instruction, it’s often hard to know what to focus on and where you should be improving your game. The monthly missions keep your long term learning fresh and exciting by giving you simple & specific areas of game to FOCUS on one night at a time, so there’s no time wasted with confusion or overwhelm

#6 – Each mission is specifically DESIGNED to teach you an essential lesson in game & man to woman social dynamics that will CHANGE THE WAY YOU GAME FOREVER that you can’t truly internalize from just watching a video or reading a forum alone. Only through personal INFIELD experience will you get those key epiphanies & mature understanding, and that’s exactly what each mission is made to do!

#5 – The monthly challenges are a great topic / common interest / story to break the ice / meet new wingmen / use as a bonding activity etc. at local events hosted by Inner Circle in your city

#4 – You can become a respected member of the community who GIVES VALUE by SHARING your FIELD REPORTS of the missions with OTHER Inner Circle members on who executed the SAME mission as you in countries all over the WORLD and LEARN even more from their global collection of REFERENCE experiences & the additional RSD Instructor comments on their game as well!

#3 – Many of the missions are the exact SAME exercises taught when pickup students pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a life changing RSD Bootcamp weekend (so you may as well take advantage of this amazing value being offered by Inner Circle!)

#2 – Inner Circle MOTIVATES you to DO the mission approaches/exercises/FRs through world class professional executive coaching, positive peer pressure/accountability, and special rewards like earning “RSD points” that you can use to purchase more products to improve your game here:

#1 – Monthly Mission Impossibles through the Inner Circle online coaching subscription program are probably the CLOSEST thing you can get to a YEAR ROUND BOOTCAMP without having to pay “year round bootcamp” level prices lol

Over the past year, my skill & comfort level with opening mixed sets, opening moving sets, reopening sets, physical game, persistance, public embarassment, outcome independence, pulling, etc. have all DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED because I discipline myself to complete the Inner Circle Mission Impossible CHALLENGES every month!

So for anyone who plans to be in the game long term, I’d definitely give the RSD Inner Circle monthly missions a shot because they are a SERIOUS game changer!

Senior Member

Just figured I’d write this real quick for anyone who wasn’t able to make it to the event and/or has never attended a Regional Conference with Todd & RSD Inner Circle~We started off the day watching “classic” hot seat clips of instructors like Tyler, Jeffy, Alex, Brad, etc. which were great to see again if you (like me) had already seen them from a previous hot seat event since even after those tours concluded years ago, the clips were never made available to watch again …until now!!

(and if you NEVER saw them in a previous hot seat event, then you basically had your mind blown multiple times that day at what crazy situations the instructors had to overcome to get girls INCLUDING my FAVORITE video of all time from the RSD Hot Seat 1.0: the former instructor Ryan lifting a girl into his arms and carrying her outside of the venue and throwing her inside a taxi -all while she is whining “noooo put me down” and LMRing / throwing shit tests like CrAzy the ENTIRE TIME!!!! Almost as EPIC as Jeffy’s “St. Patrick’s Day” infield footage lmao)

Then we got into the NEW stuff which is basically the “developing” version of the upcoming “Todd” Hot Seat!

Todd’s infield footage breaks new ground by including a generous amount of DAY GAME interactions (which I didn’t see much of in previous hot seat programs I’d attended with Owen, Jeff, or Alex… AND Todd daygames completely SOBER in NORMAL PLACES like parks/shops etc. where there’s NO crazy drunken street orgies in the day light …just in case you were wondering ;)

The most IMPRESSIVE clips Todd showed us from his successes in my opinion were:

(1) Picking up a girl from OPEN to PULL in DAY GAME (How to lead into an “instadate” and convince her to go to the “seduction location” with you afterwards …muahaha)
(2) How to blow through “the boyfriend” and score with a STUNNING bikini-clad brown girl while she is BUSY and in the middle of SUN BATHING!!!
(3) How to seduce a BARELY-LEGAL high school girl into going on an “instadate” with you less than a minute after opening her, get her to GAME YOU using LESS GAME than Julien, and make her tell you what “bed time” her parents told her so the lay goes down FLAWLESSLY

Todd’s “game” is possibly even more JAW-DROPPING than Owen, Julien, and Alex’s~ NOT in terms of how DRAMATIC it looks, but more in terms the crazy successful RESULTS he gets by basically doing NOTHING and literally “boring the girl into sleeping with him” (haha okay that’s *kinda* what it looks like when you first see it, but then Todd pauses the video to explain everything to you about how his game works and why he does what he does at each exact moment and then your head explodes with even MORE epiphanies and you’re like HOLY FUCKING SHIT this guy is a GENIUS!!!!)

Basically Todd is like that character from the TV show “Heroes” who can copy/steal the super powers of other heroes (ie the other RSD instructors in this analogy). His game borrows qualities from Alex’s “Natural Instincts Method” such as “You are enough” & “LESS is more” etc. but also includes more deep tactical chess-like theory similar to Owen & Julien’s “evolved from old-school (gamey) to more natural” style when necessary.

The funny thing is that even though you can see similarities between Todd’s style and the game of other instructors, Todd’s overall game actually *hybridizes* the best elements of all the RSD styles across the board into a COMPLETELY NEW and UNIQUE style of game that is truely his own (which is basically exactly what all students who attend a hot seat program should do: assimilate useful elements of each instructor’s style into your own game and discard the rest)

The finished product that is Todd’s game is absolutely marvelous to witness as he basically has unlocked the “cheat codes” of the matrix allowing him to “flip” every girl into “chasing/gaming HIM” which he calls “reverse game” …so he basically just sits back and chills while she does all the work until it’s time for the pull (hence why many people who see his videos comment that it looks “boring” since the girl is doing all the “gaming”)

But yeah~ all his sets are totally legit, and his results (given how much “work” he actually needs to do in his interactions) are seriously unreal!!!! It’s for this very reason that I’d recommend Todd’s Hot Seat / Inner Circle Regional Conference for students of all levels: from newbie to intermediate and even all the way through the advanced levels you’ll see how to game girls by doing less work and get even more results than ever before!!

Other than the highlights mentioned above, Todd’s “Hot Seat” has everything else you’d expect to see in a cutting-edge Hot Seat program like Tyler, Julien, and Alex’s new stuff including videos from bootcamp where they go into bars & clubs at night, how to deal with your target’s peergroup when you’re out solo, street game at night with girls all over the place, etc.

Todd even included footage of his “Day2″ game to teach us the exact fool-proof system he uses to get over 9 out of 10 closes for every girl who meets up with him on a date -whether that be from cold approach pickup in bars, day game, or the internet (plus he summarizes his text game and online dating system as well =D)

So yeah, of all the “Hot Seat” type programs I’ve done with RSD, I feel like Todd’s “Inner Circle Regional Conference” was the most COMPREHENSIVE because it covers pretty much EVERY SITUATION you’d commonly be in to get girls: bar & club game, DAY game + instaDATES/PULLS, online game, Day2s, etc. AND it includes infield footage of pretty much EVERY other RSD instructor as well!!

ALSO: as I’m sure you’ve heard, unique to Todd’s “Hot Seat” is that he gives you and all the other attendees a special infield group “mission” the same night at the end of the program in order to immediately “hardwire” skills you learned from the videos into your own game. Not only do you receive the opportunity to network with an intimate team of qualified wingmen when you roll out of the seminar room to accomplish the mission, but as you probably already know, RSD has taken special care to schedule these programs to be coupled with the most EPIC PARTY TIMES & WORLD EVENTS the same weekend as the seminar!

(That’s why the Inner Circle Regional Conference isn’t labeled as a “hot seat” since it’s really much MORE than that: essentially it’s the BEST of both RSD’s Hot Seat + Bootcamp programs, all rolled into one …during the same weekend as a massive, regional “orgy” >=)

Unlike RSD’s traditional “Hot Seat” program model, Todd’s “Regional Conference” events are of course exclusive to RSD Inner Circle members only, so your wingmen for the infield group “mission” after the “hot seat” part of the seminar will all be members of your local & global Inner Circle chapters who’ve been receiving online coaching from Todd tuning their game up throughout the year.

(However, since the “difference” that “starting” members of the Inner Circle online coaching subscription program would pay to attend Regional Conferences is the same as the price that anyone else would pay to sign-up for an RSD Hot Seat with Tyler/Julien/Alex etc. …i.e. USD$300.00… it is very consistent & fair pricing thankfully imho =)

Can’t wait to attend the next RSD Inner Circle Regional Conference when Todd’s ever-evolving “Hot Seat” video playlist returns to my side of the world in a couple months thanks to the full-year-long access pass included when I paid the original Regional Conference price!

(So glad it works exactly the same as the year-long access deal offered with the Tyler/Julien Hot Seats =D)

Senior Member

On May 4th I went to the London Inner Circle Regional Conference with Todd. Ran from 1pm till 9pm.At the event, Todd explained the core fundementals of Game utilizing infield footage. We saw footage of Brad, Ryan, Tyler, Jeffy, Alex and very recent footage of Todd.It was fantastic to see recent infield footage of Todd. His game is super tight and chill. I was especially impressed by footage of him picking up a stunning 18 year old blonde girl in New York. One of the most sexually charged pieces of infield footage I have seen (despite being very chilled game). Todd also gave us a glipmse of his online game and infield footage of his dates (fantastic insight here).

You can directly pay for access or get in through an Inner Circle membership. It is a great opportunity to ask questions to a guy who has expert technical knowledge of Game and see his unique infield footage.

After being to Hotseat 2 and Alex Hotseat, I would say this day was even more helpful. Highly recommended, especially for someone at a more advanced level.

Respected Member

I love these webinars and all the sticking point questions they solve every month!BRILLIANT idea on behalf of Inner Circle to switch things up and bring on different RSD Instructors each month btw since some coaches may be more familiar with certain sticking points than others and all instructors have a different set of reference experience they can relate to when answering our questions =]Probably my FAVORITE thing about the Inner Circle Webinars is that unlike most free webinars, the Inner Circle teleconferences are done for a much smaller, more intimate, quality audience. The fact that Inner Circle Instructors will listen to EVERY question asked by ALL of the attendees and respond with a lengthy & thorough answer cuts soooo much time off the learning curve compared to the more “usual” webinar/AMA style of questions being chosen selectively because there are too many to answer in the time given, not enough legitimate quality questions asked, etc. (Basically I’m glad everyone who attends these Inner Circle Webinars is getting PROFESSIONAL level coaching to ANNIHILATE their sticking points!)

As much as I look forward to these webinars each month to get my OWN sticking points sorted, it always amazes me how many other people ask equally legit questions that directly relate to other sticking points I didn’t even realize I had! I mean, usually it takes no more than 5 minutes to receive a complete step by step solution to obliterate the sticking point that I’m currently obsessing over, but it always seems that I get back more than 10x the value from all the highly relevant questions asked by our active & driven community =D

Can’t wait for the next Q & A Webinar this month!

Senior Member

I really enjoyed this talk and all the more intimate topics discussed like becoming the alphamale of your social circle, getting the girl’s peer group on your side, how to GIVE SHIT TESTS to girls, etc.My favorite part was the breakdown on “investment” specifically HOW and exactly WHAT TO DO step by step to get the girl CHASING you rather than falling into the “fun entertainer guy” frame. The “Todd Method” of using “silences” to your advantage as opportunities for the girl to invest is BRILLIANT and I will definitely never panic the next time there is an “awkward silence” in the conversation (now I know that the pressure is on HER to invest and not me to continue being the entertainer! =)

I also thought the extended discussion was great because I feel that “less sexy” topics like investment, qualification, compliance, etc. are largely misunderstood by newbies and intermediate guys in the community while topics like “attraction” and even “comfort” get all the attention since most people are so heavily focused on immediate gratification. I feel like I understand investment and how to proactively apply it in my interactions on a much clearer level now which is another benefit of doing a private Q&A with a more dedicated audience of active PUAs who are ACTUALLY going out regularly! lol

Overall I really liked this more personal, casual style to prepare us for the monthly webinar, infield missions, and all future local events! It’s days like these that make me glad I signed up for the RSD Inner Circle global fraternity & online coaching membership program =D

Senior Member

Hey RSDNATION,I’ve been waterboarding myself with coffee tonight, 24 hrs straight and still going. Not because I was out partying.. instead I’ve been restricted within the confines of my room where i’ve been studying for midterms like a fuckin animal. Between pickup knowledge, the info I have to cram in my head for midterms, Lectures and madisons inner circle speech, i think I’m ready to sleep. Before I do though I’m gonna write a short belated review on the event.The workshop consisted of about 20-25 people with Madison as the host. It was hard taking notes during the event because it was so entertaining listening to him, I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so I’ll report as much as I can from memory.

First of all this was a Daygame Workshop. Madisons goal was to supply us with all the info we need to be 100% covered for daygame. Seminar started with questions to get a general vibe of what the issues concerning us were.

There may be some bias in the way I interpreted some of the stuff madison said.
-If you can’t handle her, how are you gonna protect her. Girls want to be with a man that could handle fucked up situations, so if you cant handle her, how are you gonna handle more intricate problems later on. By dealing with the shit she throws at you, you prove that you are a guy that could handle her, and so she can feel secure and protected around you.
-If she doesn’t react to you, how are you gonna fuck her? If she’s not reacting to you, she is basically interacting with you through her fake self (the daytime daze self). You got to break that pattern, by going to her and BAMM make her react. How do you do that?
- Treat the day as if you’re in a club. When you;re in a club and say you drink and you’re horny cause of all that fine ass you see everywhere, you are extremely social and sexually aroused. So when you’re out daygaming get drunk and watch porn…… just kidding.. go out and be social as if you were drunk and sexually aroused in a club. Talk to the first person you see, give a compliment, or troll the person, or start a convo with someone.. whatever suits your personality. Social+sexually aroused
-He briefly mentioned an exercise where the first “set” you approach, being kindof a dick/troll for your own self amusement– also called Sacrificing the lamb. Which is hilarious and depending on how balsy you are you can do different things. An example of this was: You see a girl, approach, talk to her, and just troll the shit out of her, “You strike me as a very serious lady.. you’re a teacher .. definitely a teacher.. you know why? cause you look burned out, bored and exhausted.” This is kinda friendly and funny but i guess it can get really extreme if you want… the point of this being… fucking up your first set, on purpose, for the sake of 1)self amusement 2)social freedom
-2 things I love about madison are his lips and his color………

Nathan Young
Junior Member

Yesterday at the RSD Inner Circle meetup was pretty great. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone, never have I put any thought to mixed sets before yesterday. I came away from the event with a few new skills, namely actually opening a mixed set.

RSD Inner Circle Boston

On the RSD Inner Circle Mission Impossible, there were so many hot girls and they were all mostly models. I was feeling really good when I first go there. I was so hyped up talked to so many people. The night got a lot better after that.

RSD Inner Circle New York

We’re like brothers who understand each other best. They’ve helped me stay motivated, kept my vision clear and laser focused. We share secrets, philosophies and techniques in health, business and social life. I’m meeting new women every day, building my online business one step at a time and I’m healthier than ever.

RSD Inner Circle Rotterdam

The RSD Inner Circle has helped me -above all- to come in contact with people with the same interests, people who challenge me, people with the same values that I have. It is hard to find a peer group like that in every day life. Having a peer group that challenges you is very, very important if you want growth in your life. The members of RSD Inner Circle act as a brotherhood, people care about each other, we act as a team. It is a great source of information and motivation. Besides that we have tremendous amount of fun during all the different events!

Frederik R/span>
RSD Inner Circle Utrecht

It’s good to be around guys that will hold you accountable for the things you are doing. Being a part of Inner Circle in your area really helps you to cement the ideas that you have learned and create new habits. I naturally connected with new friends because we are all focused on results.

RSD Inner Circle Montreal

They get together to go out to the clubs they also get to together for dinners they get together to go to another city for a weekend. It’s not only pickup it’s way more than pickup and it’s a great idea because one of the things I missed growing up in the game was support and inner circle provides that. When you go out in the field you want not only people that challenge you but also that support you and you find all of that in these gatherings. Whenever I finish a program all over the world I recommend the guy join the inner circle chapter in his city… because he cannot go wrong. He’s always going to find something there that will benefit him long term.

RSD Instructor

Hey Todd

Great video there is so many things i can say to relate to this video from my experiences from the field i will say a few things i have learned.

In 2012 when i was going out and i was always in my head using techniques to make things work and was very outcome orientated. When i came across RSD Inner Circle and the great resources you guys are giving my game is now coming from a much different place. A better place where i am progressing and things are better then they ever were. Here are some changes that have taken place from my personal experiences in the field.

Since being present my i have had a lot of emotional and logical shifts. A big thank you to you guys for teaching pickup how it should be taught.

So i went out to do the may mission impossible at a boat party and i have to say another great adventurous night with a lot of great learning lessons and lot of changes happening both internal and external.

I decided to go out Saturday to do my stopping moving sets mission impossible. Went out with a school friend while he was out shopping i thought another RSD Mission Impossible Adventure.

Learning Lessons

  1. I think that sometimes there are things out of my control such as her logistics are stronger to go somewhere or do something. I have now learned to accept that where before i would stress about making it work.
  2. I think also that if you are going to open you have to be 100% present, belief and action that you will open, stop her and talk to her. I think with my last set i did not open with 100% belief i was doing it half heartily.
  3. I have recorded my interactions so well play it back and listen to 3 things i didi right and i think went well and 3 things i think i did wrong and where i can improve. This is credit to Analysing Game by Julien.

I have recently been approaching now hotter girls and i fail but now i am getting comfortable approaching the hotter girls and internally things have shifted big. Today was an example i approached a hot blond who walked into a shop i went after her and went in the shop. I walked up to her and told her directly that i think she looks nice, i am kapz. She said “i am not interested” and walked of. Inside i was very calm and cool about it. I just shrugged my shoulders said cool and moved on.

Thanks for all the support, feedback and coaching this is a great resource and having so much fun with the missions. Can’t wait to do a hot seat event to take my game to the next level.


Found the Inner Circle videos to be honest, direct and deep. I’m at the stage of having approach anxiety with gorgeous women – I find it easy to go up to medium attractive women, I’m going to focus on going up to as many women and overcome the approach anxiety – for me, I’m going to use the model of ‘success breeds confidence’ – so practising approaches and noticing what I do well, will help me loads and build my confidence.


Props for a great Inner Circle video this week, Todd. Great points you made in this clip are: Be clear about game goals,

  1. Be the man that goes for what he wants
  2. Core premise of any interaction should be you’re offering value, you are enough
  3. Unwavering belief eliminates stress because there is no hesitation or grey area.
  4. Recognize flaws in social conditioning, don’t cave to social pressure.


This month’s RSD Inner Circle video raises a lot of good points. The point in the video made about winning the war not the battle is relevant to me particularly when it comes to going all the way with a girl. Sometimes it’s very easy to get derailed during an interaction by the small stuff and then lose sight of the overall goal. That’s why despite the importance of understanding the details and the process during interactions, it’s crucial to never forget the importance of being the guy walking her out the front door. In the midst of all the chaos in a bar setting, sometimes that can be forgotten, and it’s helpful to remind yourself of that when interactions don’t go well, things don’t progress as fast as you want, etc.


And this mission imposible I know exactly what you mean, I saw with my own eyes how you BURN IT TO THE GROUND…Now I go out 3-4 nights a week, usually I go with Andy the other bootcamp student, but he choding out, but I push my self to still going out.

One day I cold approach some girl in club, I BURN IT TO THE GROUND because she is so hot, but still after reopen… and I think slowly but sure my WING GIRL more comfortable with me, kiss and hug its normal now, I’m already happy with the situation now.


Mission: Stop moving sets and practice day game, for reasons of length I’ve included my two more successful interactions…


  1. Approached a smoking hottie,
  2. Attempted to number close. Great reference experience
  3. Improving as the sets went on, from what sounded like stuttering to much more smooth


I went to a rather high class place to do this mission impossible exercise from Todd, with a coworker (not an community member, but he enjoys the idea of doing social missions). It was really hard to do that first set, but as with the previous mission, it got cumulatively easier as we kept doing sets. I am going to write my own sets, though my friend also got really interesting sets.


This is a great concept [from Inner Circle videos]. Recently, I first became intensely aware of this concept when I went in for a kiss from this girl and she turned her head. She straight up told me she has to trust me first. This really puts that event into perspective.


This whole concept of social currency [from the Inner Circle video series] gave me a big aha.

What I understand is that you first must build social currency before you can spend it.


OMG… You would have saved me $30 a complete waste of time with this girl that just used me for dinner. She wouldn’t sit next to me either. This video alone was so worth 10 times the price of admission. Thank you so much!


:-) This is a great video and really breaks down the day2′s and how to maximize your chances for getting laid. I had all the problems Todd had mentioned including meeting the girl halfway and/or both of you bring cars, or driving all the way to the girl’s house.


You just codified for me a problem of ideas I’ve had in my first steps down the Game rabbit hole. I’ve watched the RSD instructors pull insane antics, and thought that that was what I was aiming for, day 2′s were a conciliatory end. Now I know/ believe that day 2′s are the intent. The tactics and mindsets presented were equally instrumental.


Great videos, Todd, love the ideas, :D awesome!! It’s amazing how different experiences are, just had a day 3 where I got to sex but it was basically 8 hours on the bed hanging out taking the clothes of -always me first and then me hers- and she was allowing me to do more and more and more up to the point after a couple of minutes after midnight I finally finger her and removed the tong and… on the bed!


I like how your video hammered the fundamentals and I really want to try your two “nuclear moves” on my next day2 for last minute resistance


Todd this is a sweet D2 video.

One key point that you emphasized is : Get physical early. It is a good reminder for me to be getting physical not only on D2s, but even on standard cold approach times in the bar or in the super market.

I also noticed all the really good guys who are “good at game” definitely get physical with the girls.


Wicked! That was awesome. I was wondering when the ‘wile talking to the camera pick ups’ were going to make it into the rsd vids. It’s great to see what ‘off the cuff’ approaches sound like.


Just read Kevin’s story and decided i’d chime in on my own.

The last meeting in Sydney we had a few new members show up due to the influx we got after the Julien and Alex free tour. One of the new guys approached me after the meeting for a chat, his name was Janson, a short Asian guy who seemed overly polite and friendly. He basically stated that he was brand new to this whole thing and asked me for advice with opening. i told him that instead of giving him words i want him to hang out with Florian and myself (Florian is a fairly advanced fellow who’d done bootcamps with Ozzie and Julien). Jason seemed nervous at first but he agrees…

We then proceeded to have an amazing night, opening sets on the street in the pouring rain, complete self amusement. He watched in awe as we stopped groups of girls, asking them if they’re ever been kissed in the rain and getting amazing results and make-outs. Florian pushed him into Ozzie style fear based sets, throwing him into mixed sets, massive groups of girls and it was amazing to watch him completely open up. He got his first cold approach number that night from a cute Swedish girl. I get home the following morning to find this in my inbox:

“Hi Zane, this is Janson. It isn’t really possible to say at what epic precipice of almost aggresive motivation Im feeling right now, which the night ended up with, for me.

Just know that if you ever need a favour or deed for anything, legal advice, a ride or anything at all, I’d be more than happy to repay the goodwill, far further above and beyond.

Thanks and very best of luck for everything, I do hope we can cross paths again sometime. I kind of intrinsically know you won’t need the luck anyway.”

Helping people, there’s no greater satisfaction

Zane B

We had a bunch of guys show up, two of which were an older obese fat dude and young ultra nerdy kid, both whom had never done pickup before. Andy and I demo’d for them and melted their minds. Brought them into sets with cute girls etc. I learned nerdy kid was a virgin so he was freaking out at how amazing things were. As we were walking down the street, Fat guy admits to me that he’s actually a mental health professional and is nerdy kids counselor here in his support. He told me that he was absolutely blown away by what we were doing because he could NEVER get his guys to do things. Meanwhile I just whispered a few words into nerdy kids ear and he approached a hottie and stayed in set for a while. Fat dude comes to me on the side and tells me “I have to admit, I thought all this RSD stuff was bullshit, I looked down upon it, I thought it was terrible….I was wrong, what you guys do is amazing”. Inner Circle pretty much gave these dudes the best night of their lives.