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To talk with us, please fill in the form below and an RSD Representative will give you a call within the next 48 business hours. Or call 1-888-546-7286

When do webinars / teleconferences take place?

There is a pre-recorded webinar released on the third Tuesday of every month and a live webinar/teleconference released on the third Wednesday of every month. The pre-recorded webinars will be posted on the RSD Inner Circle portal. You can find them by clicking on the present month tab on the left toolbar. Live webinars are accessed using Cisco WebEx technology. However, if you want to access the teleconference version of the live webinar (audio only), then you can call in with a telephone. The information for this can be received by clicking on the left toolbar’s Webinar section.

What are Mission Impossible assignments and when do they take place?

On the fourth Thursday of every month, a video will be given to explain a core concept about attraction, dating, and/or seduction followed by a homework assignment. You will be assigned a task to complete in the field, which you may do solo, with friends, or other RSD Inner Circle members. After you complete the assignment, you will be asked to post a field report to share your insights, lessons learned, and share what happened during your excursion. These field assignments may involve day-game, night-game, or both. We call these assignments Mission Impossible because they are meant to push your comfort zone and expand your learning horizon.

What are RSD Points and how are they earned?

RSD Points are rewards points given to RSD Inner Circle members as part of a membership loyalty program to incentivize members to take action and get success. You can gain points by doing the following: (i) posting questions for the live webinar, (ii) posting field reports after participating in a Mission Impossible drill, (iii) participating in local events and posting field reports and learning lessons, (iv) referring friends who join RSD Inner Circle, and (v) purchasing RSD products from the RSD Nation Store. You can track how many points you have by clicking on the Profile link at the top toolbar of your RSD Inner Circle portal. Full details about RSD Rewards Points can be seen by visiting:

How many RSD Points do I have and how often are they updated?

You can see how many RSD Points you have by clicking on Profile (or by visiting: Points are added to your account on a weekly basis so if you do not believe that you have the correct amount of points in your account, then please wait 1 week so that your account can be updated.

Can you explain how the different status levels you can can get will work for RSD Inner Circle members?

RSD Inner Circle members who earn enough points in a calendar year will be given certain status levels. You can see the full details on this by clicking on “Profile” in the top toolbar and then clicking on “Click here to find out how RSD Points work”.

How do I get a free RSD Inner Circle t-shirt?

Beastmode clothing ( is a proud sponsor of RSD Inner Circle and its founder, Jeff Allen (also known as Jeffy the RSD Instructor) has agreed to provide a free shirt to all RSD Inner Circle members. All you have to do is to pay for the shipping & handling. If you are interested in getting one shipped to you, simple send an email to

Can I earn points for buying RSD products and services?

Yes, you can earn 1 point for every $1 USD that you spend on RSD products and services as a member of RSD Inner Circle. This cannot be applied retroactively to anything you have purchased prior to October 1, 2012 or before you have become a member of RSD Inner Circle (based on the date you are given a username and password). You can only earn points from purchases as an active member of RSD Inner Circle. Credit for points for buying RSD products and services is applied by sending an email to with a copy of your purchase receipt.

Do I get RSD Points for referring members to RSD Inner Circle?

Yes, if you refer a member to RSD Inner Circle and he joins the program as a basic member, just have that member email within 24 hours of joining the program in order to get credit for signup, and you will earn 100 points if he becomes a member.

Can I organize my own events for RSD Inner Circle and meetup with members outside of the monthly organized live events?

Yes, just look up members in your city or a city that you are traveling and contact them. Click on “Find Members” and do a search. If you want to be the admin of a meetup group for RSD Inner Circle, email You can prove your commitment by participating actively in all activites on the RSD Inner Circle web portal.

Who is invited to the Local Events?

All RSD Inner Circle members are invited to local events. As an added bonus, we will also be contacting all local RSD live program alumni. There are hundreds of alumni in every city in which we host local events. You may also invite your friends to these events if they are prospective RSD Inner Circle members.

What Local Events are taking place?

Local events include the monthly dinner party / bar crawl organized by RSD HQ. In addition, RSD Instructors will organize opportunities to meet with RSD Instructors whenever they visit a city for a live program or they may organize meet & greets in cities in which they live. RSD Instructors and staff will remain active in monitoring the feedback of all members.

Why should I update my profile?

Please update your profile with as much information as possible so that other members can find you. It is especially useful to help other members find you. Many people will search by Chapter so choose the nearest chapter to you (even if you still consider it far) in order to help you find other members. In addition, RSD HQ will be giving more resources and focus to those city chapters that have the most members choosing it as their local chapter. It is also used to determine which cities will have local events organized.

How are cities chosen for RSD Inner Circle local events and will my city be chosen for local events?

RSD chooses local event cities based upon which cities RSD frequents for hot seat seminars. You can see these cities on the RSD schedule page ( Although this is the initial factor, we will organize live events in those cities where we also have critical mass in membership. Thus, to let us know where you are, upload your profile (to update your profile, visit: More cities will be organized on a regular basis so if you do not see your city listed for local events, and we do frequent your city for hosting RSD live programs, then you can expect to see your city appear on the RSD Inner Circle directory of local events in the near future.

After I create an avatar in my Profile, how long does it take to appear by my posts?

Gravatar is the avatar creation software for our RSD Inner Circle web portal and if you do not see the avatar appearing immediately, please be patient because it will appear within an hour. Please carefully follow the instructions and confirm a picture to be added for your avatar.

Can I change my username so that it is more generic for privacy purpose?

Yes, many users have emailed us saying that they do not want their name in their username for privacy purposes. If that is the case, email and we can change your username for you.

How do I claim 100 RSD points for bringing a guest with to me to an RSD Free Tour event?

To be able to receive 100 RSD points for each guest you bring with you to attended a Free Tour Event your guest needs to post a report inside your City Facebook group which describes his overall experience and lessons he learned at the event. Additionally he must tag you in the post with @ for example @Thomas Anderson. And finally you will post a comment on the Free tour at the Local Events page for that month inside the RSD Inner Circle portal and mention your guest.

How do I claim 100 RSD points for bringing a guest to an RSD Inner Circle Event?

To receive 100 RSD points for each guest you bring to an RSD Inner Circle Event your guests must post a field report about the event in the RSD Inner Circle City Facebook group and you need to mention this in your own field report on the Local Events section in the RSD Inner Circle portal with a full name of your friend and note that he was your guest.

When is my next payment due?

Your membership to RSD Inner Circle is renewed 12 months after your first payment automatically if you are on an annual membership plan or 1 month after you last payment if you are on a monthly plan unless you unsubscribe from RSD Inner Circle via an email to with your request.

If I am a Premium RSD Inner Circle member since 2012/2013, what benefits do I get?

For those of you that are premium members of RSD Inner Circle, you were given access to RSD Inner Circle Regional Conferences, which were events taught by Todd that included the in-field video footage of the class Hot Seat 1 Seminar. Since we are no longer hosting RSD Inner Circle Regional Conferences, you will have the ability to attend any Hot Seat events as a guest. If you are interested in a particular event as a premium member of RSD Inner Circle, send an email to with the date and city of the hot seat that you are interested in attending to be put on the guestlist.

Which hot seat seminar can I attend with my global pass if I am a premium member?

You can see a list of the hotseats at – your global pass works for hotseats taught by Todd. More hotseat opportunities will be added throughout the year. You can attend as many events as you want while you are a premium member of RSD Inner Circle.