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Get More Game All Year Round as You Dive into a Total-Immersion Training Program and Mastermind Group Dedicated to Giving You the Step-By-Step Mind Blowing Secrets for Attracting the Hottest Women

Get Access to an Online Community, Monthly Webinars, Over a Year of Video Content, Newly Updated Mission Impossible Assignments, and More While Getting Paid to be Coached by a RSD Executive Coach All Year Round … We’re Not Kidding… Read this Time Sensitive Letter Immediately for Full Details

Inner Circle Is The Most Value Per Dollar You’ll Ever See:
  • Personalized monthly feedback from RSD Instructors
  • Personal Q&A Time With an RSD Instructor Every Month
  • Countless Hours Of Premium Bonus Content
  • Global and Local Mastermind Community
… All For Literally Pennies (Not Dollars) Per Day!

Let’s be real. Mastering game is not something you do overnight. To get good at game, or anything for that matter, it takes consistent practice, consistent feedback, and consistent course correction over time. However, if you’re like most guys learning pickup, you’re not exactly able to get very high level coaching and feedback on a continuous basis. At least not personalized to you.

Yesterday at the RSD Inner Circle meetup was pretty great. I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone, never have I put any thought to mixed sets before yesterday. I came away from the event with a few new skills, namely actually opening a mixed set.

- Danny, RSD Inner Circle Boston

Sure, you might manage to attend a Free Tour or a Hotseat, or a regional conference every once in a while, but these are all a few in between. (We host events all over the globe, so we can’t be in your city ALL the time)

On the RSD Inner Circle Mission Impossible, there were so many hot girls and they were all mostly models. I was feeling really good when I first go there. I was so hyped up talked to so many people. The night got a lot better after that.

- Roro, RSD Inner Circle New York

Based off the feedback we get, we know that these events help our students make HUGE improvement to their game in very short time periods. The reason is that, at these events, students are able to get the latest insights on pickup, get personalized feedback from instructors, and get inspired to take immediate action from the things they learn. Not to mention, they get to meet and connect with like minded individuals to wing with. (Never underestimate the power of good wings)

We’re like brothers who understand each other best. They’ve helped me stay motivated, kept my vision clear and laser focused. We share secrets, philosophies and techniques in health, business and social life. I’m meeting new women every day, building my online business one step at a time and I’m healthier than ever.

- Frans, RSD Inner Circle Rotterdam

Virtually every student walks away from these events absolutely FIRED up and literally shakes up their respective cities for weeks afterward. But the thing is, sometimes its just that one tip from an instructor that is the difference between staying stuck in a plateau and blasting into the next level of your game.

The RSD Inner Circle has helped me -above all- to come in contact with people with the same interests, people who challenge me, people with the same values that I have. It is hard to find a peer group like that in every day life. Having a peer group that challenges you is very, very important if you want growth in your life. The members of RSD Inner Circle act as a brotherhood, people care about each other, we act as a team. It is a great source of information and motivation. Besides that we have tremendous amount of fun during all the different events!

- Frederik R, RSD Inner Circle Utrecht

But up until now, there really hasn’t been a place where you can get the personalized ongoing coaching from an RSD instructor… That’s where the new RSD Inner Circle comes in… RSD Inner Circle is a brand new program where you’re able to get personalized coaching from a Executive RSD instructor continuously throughout the year (and not only that get PAID to improve… Read on for more details)

It’s good to be around guys that will hold you accountable for the things you are doing. Being a part of Inner Circle in your area really helps you to cement the ideas that you have learned and create new habits. I naturally connected with new friends because we are all focused on results.

- Madison, RSD Inner Circle Montreal

The program structure has been personally designed by the RSD team to facilitate the fastest growth in your game.

The premise of the program is very simple: To cut the BS, push you mercilessly into action on a consistent basis, and provide fast immediate feedback so you can course correct and improve FAST. The program is divided into 3 main parts:
  • Pre- webinar Video: A detailed breakdown of a cutting edge new concept or theory or technique from the pickup community as a precursor to the monthly webinar – Incorporate these highly potent insights/techniques into your arsenal for explosive gains in your skills
  • A LIVE Interactive Webinar: Get On a LIVE group call with An RSD Instructor For Interactive Q&A – Get Your Questions and Sticking Points Resolved On The Spot Each Month To Hyper-Accelerate Your Success With Women
  • Mission impossible: A Unique Monthly Challenge To Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Force Rapid Improvements To Your Game – These are designed to eliminate Plateaus for good by consistently pushing you to the edge

Let’s dive into each one a little more closely:

Pre Webinar Video – Exclusive Content For Inner Circle

RSD instructors are out virtually every day of the week either coaching clients or experimenting with new techniques themselves. So they’re always coming up with new insights. Each month, an RSD instructor will release a new video sharing a new epiphany inducing concept or technique that they’ve discovered. (Now, its no secret that instructors share lots of content on RSDnation and youtube, but these videos here will be kept exclusively for RSD Inner circle members.)

Monthly Webinar – Personal Q&A With An RSD Instructor

Have you ever had a sticking point or nagging question that you just wished you could ask an instructor and be done with, instead of scouring through the internet and forums digging for answers? Well you can say good-bye to that for good. Each month, you’ll get to jump on a LIVE webinar call with an RSD instructor and literally get whatever questions you have answered. It could be about the video content for the month or a question about a specific problem you’re having. You could say that this is the closest thing to having a RSD Instructor sitting on your shoulder, listening in on what you are saying, and whispering advice in your ear at all times.

Mission Impossible – Push Yourself With Personalized Feedback From Instructors

This is where the fun really starts. Every month, an RSD Instructor will release a specific challenge for students with the goal of pushing you past your comfort zone a further each month. This way, you know for sure that first, it can be done, and second, exactly how you should be doing it. Now here’s the kicker, if you ACTUALLY do the mission impossible each month and post a report of it in the members area, you’ll get additional personalized feedback from the instructor. This type of action plus immediate expert feedback is the fastest way to achieve mastery.

In addition to the 3 main components, you’ll also get these super bonuses available exclusively for Inner Circle members:

  • RSD Inner Circle Year 1 Archives — Last year we launched a beta version of RSD Inner Circle and delivered 12 months of jam packed, killer content for our members. You’ll get all of last year’s material in the members area for reference. (Minimum $60+ value)
  • Papa Bachelor Bash — Never Seen Before Content/In-field footage of of Papa, Tyler, Jeffy, and Todd. Normally the only time you’d ever hear from multiple instructors at once is at the World Summit.
  • RSD Inner Circle Member Directory — You’ll be able to network with other members in your city and leverage the power of great wings in improving your game and having more fun.

You won’t find this type of ongoing personalized coaching For Such a Low Investment ANYWHERE ELSE

To be absolutely blunt, if you are any bit interested in learning game you’d be completely nuts not to invest in this program. The type of value you’re getting is easily 10X more than the membership cost. Let’s break down the value of what you’re getting. Normally if you were to get on a call with an RSD instructor, you would pay on a VERY CONSERVATIVE level $150/hr. With RSD Inner Circle annual membership, you’re going to be getting around an hour of personalized coaching each month for 12 months. That’s a total value of $1800/yr! When you add in each super bonuses the total value of what you’re getting comes closer to $2000. But for the time being, you’ll get all this for only $60/year or $10/month.

Get Paid To Improve Your Game

The success of this program and your own success in game in general is tied directly to your ability to take action. So we want to reward the guys who take the most action. As a member of RSD Inner Circle, you’ll be able to earn RSD Points for each action you take, whether it be successfully completing a Mission Impossible, participating in the community, sharing valuable insights, and so on. RSD points can be redeemed directly for any RSD products/services. So if you take action, not only will you enjoy the benefits of having better game, you’ll actually be able to earn back several times your membership cost and more! The first action is to start. So for those who join Inner Circle Today, we’ll immediately give you 1000 RSD Points for taking the first step forward.

The RSD Inner Circle Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love this program that we’ll shoulder all the risk involved – you get a complete, no BS, 100% money back guarantee…

Amazing Quality

RSD Inner Circle will give you so much value that you’ll be dying to race out the door to the nearest bar, and hit up the first stunning woman you see. Once you participate in RSD Inner Circle, you WILL start sparking more rapid attraction with hot women.

Amazing Results

RSD Inner Circle is going to make you so psyched that you made the right choice. I truly want to help you get the women you deserve. I get emails every day from guys who’ve had their lives changed by this advice. They’re enjoying success they never thought possible. I want to see you get these results too.

Amazing Satisfaction

RSD Inner Circle guarantees that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your membership, your money will be refunded. It’s that simple. No catches. No nonsense. RSD Inner Circle is the boost to your success with women you’ve been praying for. I just cannot think of any other way to POSSIBLY make it easier or more low-risk for you.

Experience RSD Inner Circle risk-free. If you decide that it’s not for you – for any reason – just make sure you email within 30 days of becoming a member that you wish to withdraw from the program.

You have it in you to achieve ultimate success with women.

Imagine a you that is confident, living in abundance, and naturally attractive to women in all situations. A you that can effortlessly approach any beautiful woman that you want, knowing exactly what to say and do. A you that has a calendar so full of dates that your only frustration is how you just don’t have enough time. A you who’s used game to take his life to the next level.

And the way we see it, you’ve got four options to get there:

  • 1 Spend thousands of dollars on dating programs that don’t get you in the field, and don’t work.
  • 2 Try figuring out how to get game by yourself, and spend years, every day hoping one day you’ll just get it.
  • 3 Get rich, meet a gold-digging whore that uses you for your money (and openly disdains you), and then give her half your money in the divorce settlement.
  • 4 Be one of the first people in the world to experience the new RSD Inner Circle – and get the ongoing coaching and guidance needed to achieve mastery fast.

Our advice? Do yourself a favor and pick option 4

Signup today for your membership and join a global network of RSD Inner Circle members.

Monthly Membership

Four training modules:

  • The Education – Videos and feedback from RSD Instructors.
  • The Mastermind Group – Global and local support system.
  • The Papa Bachelor Bash – Experts sharing dating secrets.
  • The Accountability – Motivation with rewards and critiques.

30-day money back guarantee.


Annual Membership

Four training modules:

  • The Education – Videos and feedback from RSD Instructors.
  • The Mastermind Group – Global and local support system.
  • The Papa Bachelor Bash – Experts sharing dating secrets.
  • The Accountability – Motivation with rewards and critiques.

30-day money back guarantee.



Five training modules:

  • Attend Any Todd Hotseat Throughout The Year
  • The Education – Videos and feedback from RSD Instructors.
  • The Mastermind Group – Global and local support system.
  • The Papa Bachelor Bash – Experts sharing dating secrets.
  • The Accountability – Motivation with rewards and critiques.

30-day money back guarantee.



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What Members Are Saying About Inner Circle

Probably my FAVORITE thing about the Inner Circle Webinars is that unlike most free webinars, the Inner Circle teleconferences are done for a much smaller, more intimate, quality audience. The fact that Inner Circle Instructors will listen to EVERY question asked by ALL of the attendees and respond with a lengthy & thorough answer cuts soooo much time off the learning curve compared to the more “usual” webinar/AMA style of questions being chosen selectively because there are too many to answer in the time given, not enough legitimate quality questions asked, etc. (Basically I’m glad everyone who attends these Inner Circle Webinars is getting PROFESSIONAL level coaching to ANNIHILATE their sticking points!)

Alphamode, Senior Member

Overall I really liked this more personal, casual style to prepare us for the monthly webinar, infield missions, and all future local events! It’s days like these that make me glad I signed up for the RSD Inner Circle global fraternity & online coaching membership program.

Going out night after night without professional instruction, it’s often hard to know what to focus on and where you should be improving your game. The monthly missions keep your long term learning fresh and exciting by giving you simple & specific areas of game to FOCUS on one night at a time, so there’s no time wasted with confusion or overwhelm.

6 reasons we are different from other dating products:

On-Going Training

Rather than a one-and-done program that is soon a half-remembered dream, RSD Inner Circle is an on-going training program that stays with you for life. Mastery can only be achieved through consistency.

In-Field Video Seminars

Watch hidden camera live in-field video footage with world class breakdown of how to pickup women. We’ve risked life, limb, and electronic equipment to bring you closer to the action than ever before.

A Vibrant Global Community

Gain access to a global mastermind group of RSD Inner Circle members and events anywhere you travel around the world. Be part of a brotherhood to share ideas to help you in all aspects of your life.

Field Experienced Instructors

Learn from the world’s most field-experienced men, available to answer your individual questions about how to attract women. Having mentors lead you in the right direction is priceless.

Rewards Points

Earn rewards points to motivate you to stick with your goals. We are literally paying you to get better with women.

Leadership Opportunities

Gain opportunities to take leadership roles at RSD events. Helping others succeed is the best way to learn how to succeed yourself.

Sneak Preview Of The RSD Inner Circle Members Area

6 videos to give you insights into RSD Inner Circle:

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